A Centre of Excellence

Welcome to Care4Autism. CFA is a charitable, non-profit organization committed to being a Centre of Excellence in the treatment and education of children with autism.

Events Workshop

  • Camp Go-Social, 1st May - 31st May 2018

    CFA Summer Camp, Maximum intake 30 only(young adults boys/girls). Satwik meals & snacks 5 times in a day.

    CFA Summer Camp
  • World Autism Awareness Day - 2nd April

    CFA has reached to 5,00,000 people in Hyderabad through School students to create awareness on the occasion.

    World Autism Day

About Us

An Organization formed in 2009 by two Educationists with a vision to work towards providing holistic care for everyone affected with Autism, be it families, educators and professionals.


Care4Autism Society is a non-profit centre for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The Centre's primary mission is to provide children with autism an intensive comprehensive educational program based on the scientifically validated procedures.

To provide families with effective skills and intervention strategies for other environments (e.g., home, community, relatives homes, etc.) is also an integral part of our program. We recognize that this type of involvement is essential, not only for family happiness, but also to achieve the most positive outcome for the child.

To involve Parents, Families, Educators, Professionals in creating awareness about Autism.

To inspire individuals fired with the zeal to help create new Autism centers in every town and city all over the world particularly in India.

To provide a platform on a common basis to share information on autism through discussions, lectures and seminars.

Donor's Hall of Fame.

  • Sri Harnath Reddy
  • Dr Gangadhar Rao
  • Rs. 1,76,575KARV High School Students
  • Rs. 1,00,000Exhibition Society, Hyd
  • Rs. 10,750Sri Ananth Narayan
  • Rs 12,000Sri EV Subramanyam
  • Rs. 30,000TVS Group
  • Rs 10,000Mrs Jiji
  • Rs. 10,000Sri Suresh
  • Rs 50,000Mr. Nalakumar
  • Rs 25,000Mr P K Mahadevan
  • Rs 25,000Mr. P P Jayaraman
  • Rs 20,000Mr H Subramanian
  • Rs 22,713Mrs Jeffy Menon
  • Rs 15,000Mr Anand Bankar
  • Rs 10,108U Trans India
  • Rs 10,000Mr Narayanan
  • Rs 11,000Ms. Varsha Oak
  • Rs 68,000Sai Niketan High School, Hyd
  • Rs 31,000C.V.P High School, Hyd
  • Rs. 88,800Asha Charity Trust, Australia
  • Rs. 10,000Parent on Autism Child's B'day
  • Rs. 2,000Parent on Autism Child's B'day

Good Tiding.

We are happy to announce that we have integrated the following 6 Children with autism into main-stream education at The City High School, Bolarum.

Residential Facility.

World-class, State-of-art Residence for Children and Adults with Autism: The Autism Friendly Village.
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